Inspired by ‘Wounded Wear’ clothing

Jason Redman inspires me.

He’s a decorated Navy SEAL officer who recently released The Trident – The Reforging of a Navy Seal Leader.

Here are just a few reasons Redman rates as someone to look up to:

  • He chose to be  a soldier, standing  in the gap to keep Americans free
  • He’s a member of an elite cadre of warriors who, even in training, took on challenges that would crush most of us
  • He was severely wounded in Iraq in 2007 but refused the pity of others,  pinning a sign on his door that still hangs at Walter Reed National Medical Center. In part, the sign read – “This room you are about to enter is a room of fun, optimism and intense rapid re-growth. If you are not prepared for that go elsewhere”

The-TridentHe also started  clothing company called Wounded Wear that began with a single t-shirt. And for obvious reasons, this spoke to a guy who just launched  his own t-shirt company.

During trips to doctors to see about repairing extreme damage to his face, Redman was treated to stares, and gawkers and the “Gee, I feel sorry for you” looks he despised. Rather than continue to fume at these folks, he  had a t-shirt made that said, “Stop staring, I got shot by a machine gun. It would have killed you,” and included an American Flag on the back. Other shirts followed including one that said, “Shot for your freedom. Just say thank you.”

Today Wounded Wear supports injured veterans by giving them fashionable clothing , some of it modified to deal with the soldier’s specific injuries. One of the organization’s goals is to remind Americans of the sacrifices made by its wounded service members.

Despite all of his accomplishments,  today Redman preaches a philosophy of humility. In his book he lays out how he learned to be a leader, found God, and  came to cherish his family. All of Redman’s advice is simple stuff, nothing that requires more than committment and thoughtful consideration, but it’s good advice for those of us who want to be better people.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice Mr. Redman. Thank you for your inspiration. I’ll be ordering my shirt in the morning.

~ John



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