Mirror, mirror …

mirrorWe hear it all the time. Browse Facebook, look at the comments section of pretty much any issue regarding religion, and you’ll see the following:
My god wouldn’t [fill in the blank].
Generally, the fill-in-the-blank is something like “send people to hell” but the filled-in blank can pretty much be whatever flavor of sin the person enjoys or at least empathizes with, or any particularly difficult demand that “god” makes.
In general, this sentence is aimed directly at the Christian God.
That fella who seems to be everybody’s target these days.
Nobody seems to direct this statement toward any other deity.
In reality, when folks say “My god wouldn’t do X” what they mean is “I wouldn’t do X.”
Once I really thought about the fact that when I said something along these lines, I was simply adjusting the creator of the universe to mesh with my own thinking at that particular time, I had an epiphany.
I was, in fact, creating a god in my own image.
I had met god and he was a skinny Irish guy who liked all the stuff I liked and who wouldn’t make me do anything I didn’t want to do anyhow.
A good friend of mine recently pointed out I had been struggling with certain issues, wrestling with them, trying to find answers for certain issues and understanding in context of my faith.
He was correct.
It was a fight. It still is a fight. It will always be a fight.
It’s not a fight if you create a god in your own image.
That god won’t ask much of you. That god will always provide easy answers.
In a lot of ways that god is pretty perfect.
You can count on that god will roll over at the first bit of difficulty. No struggle there. No fight. No growth.
Hey self, I like pornography. Heck, everybody loves pornography. It’s a victimless crime right? Nobody gets hurt? It doesn’t erode intimacy with my partner. No, that never happens. So my god thinks pornography is the greatest. Go porn!
One more lie won’t hurt, will it? No, sure it won’t. She doesn’t need to know where I’ve been or what I’ve been doing. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. My god says honesty is overrated. Go lying!
It can go on and on and on and on.
Because, we has humans love to fool ourselves. Why? Because we’re fools.
If our god is the fella in the mirror we’re all in serious trouble. That guy’s a weasel.
You won’t struggle with him. He’ll let you slide every time.
The God of the Bible on the other hand. Well, that guy can be tough.
But the fight is worth it.

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