Who we are:


Hi, I’m John and my pal Greg and I are both dads.  We have wonderful wives, each has a daughter and our respective houses are full of pets.


We both like movies and books and the outdoors. We both know guns, how to use fishing rods and have frozen or sweltered in our share of tents. And we’re both Christians. Greg’s a Lutheran and I’m a Baptist.


Greg and I have thought for many years about doing something collaborative, so here it is – 12th Apostle.


So here we are, trying to use our powers for good and not for evil. Greg has been an entrepreneur for several years now, running his own shop as a graphic designer, illustrator and image guru. Me, I’m a full-time reporter at a major metropolitan newspaper.

And as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility, and hopefully our writings will be helpful in some form to everyone.


Our idea:


Guys freely announce their allegiance with their hats and their t-shirts. We don’t hesitate to wear gear that identifies our political leanings, favorite teams, rock bands, beers, firearms, trucks, TV-shows, and movies.


So my pal Greg and I started asking ourselves why Christian men don’t freely express their relationship with God the same way.


We wanted to create something that would start conversations by relaying our own experiences as Christians, as men and as fathers. Greg and I are both Christians. We don’t attend the same church but we don’t think that matters. We both are followers of Jesus Christ. We both think 12th Apostle is something God wants us to do and so, here we are, doing it.

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