Using your influence

pewsI was sitting in church not too long ago as we worked our way through the Book of Acts and the germ of the idea for 12th Apostle hit me.

There was my pastor and he was challenging us to use our influence, much like the apostles and the early church did to change the world.

But what influence did I have?

My mind started to track, looking for what I brought to the table in the way of influence.

Well, I’m decent with words. I have a fair share of odd hobbies and interests and  friends in a lot of sorta unconventional groups. I know talented people. I thought of talented people and that made me think of my best friend Greg, a guy who knows art and design and image. I thought about our plan to someday pool our talents in some sort of business.

Then I remembered a venture I came up with to do t-shirts targeted at a medieval re-enactment group both Greg and I belonged to and how Greg came up with a wonderful t-shirt design. I copped out on my end of things and, as a result of my inaction, our idea went nowhere.

That got me thinking of the times I wore my one Christian t-shirt to those medieval events, where fringe religions seem to be dominant or at least highly visible. The shirt featured a sword and had a play on words concerning The Lord of the Rings an a tiny, tiny Bible quote that you had to nearly squint to see. I remembered how many folks approached me about the shirt, that they liked it, and much to my shame, they told me they didn’t realize I was a Christian. But it started us talking about our faith. It was a beginning, sometimes with folks I had known for years.

Then I thought, despite a lot of searching since, I could never find another shirt that spoke to me as a guy. I still have that shirt but it’s nearly worn out.

My mind continued to track. Could Greg and I do Christian shirts that guys would like, would wear, and that could start conversations about faith, about God, about the Gospel? Could we make them where God’s word was prominent, not a little aside?

Those were the questions I asked Greg despite having let him down on a hauntingly similar venture. He, much like he always does, asked when we could get started.

So here we are, both of us trying to use our influence in a way that we hope will allow other Christian guys to do the same.

Sometimes conversations are hard to start and a way to break the ice is always welcome.

We hope you agree and this gets you thinking about ways to use your influence. We hope our shirts can help.

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