New Year – New Creature

bikeSo, it’s nearly New Year’s Eve and soon it will be time for all of those resolutions.

I have a few.

I need to get back in shape so I need to hit the gym and maybe get some walking in.

I need to get back on my bike as soon as it warms up and I hope that my daughter and wife will start riding with me. I need to feed my competitive self more challenges.

I’m thinking of putting more focus on my pistol shooting and maybe, just maybe, getting back into armour, at least for the local weekly SCA fighter practice.

When I look at these goals, they are simply choices to pick back up and recommit to things I know are important and fulfilling. I need to seek renewal in these things.

I’ve learned over the years that the Christian walk is one of constant renewal, not just yearly goal setting.

Second Corinthians 5: 17 says this about that: Therefore if any man is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

If only it was that simple in practice.

To be truly renewed we need God’s help, without his power Christ’s words become nothing more than less than useful self-help chatter. But that help will only get us so far. We have to do our share.

We need to stay committed to making that changed nature visible. We have to do it daily, hourly, sometimes by the minute. We need to battle that old self who tells us we’re doing just fine compared to everybody else, that we’re really in charge, not God – that we’re really the one in control.

With the New Year upon me, I’m going to strive to let others see a bit of the new creature I’ve become.

I’m going to work on being more kind, more considerate, more willing to reach out and help others. I’m going to try harder, pray harder, and look outside my only little comfort zone for places I can do more to further God’s kingdom.

Here’s hoping your New Year is blessed and brings the changes in your life you seek.

Remember, we can’t make significant change without God’s help but it also requires our willingness and ability to act to make the change a reality.

If we’re indeed new creatures, isn’t it time the world noticed?

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