T-shirt evangelism

crossWe started t-shirt evangelism with 12th Apostle because t-shirts are just too doggoned comfy not to wear. And t-shirts can be great conversation pieces so we figured we’d take two great tastes and, well, you know. So why do we want to start conversations? That’s a little more complicated.

Churches are awesome, but most don’t have “casual Sundays” and we didn’t think our designs would look good on neckties.

A lot of time scripture goes from the preacher to the pews. As such, the conversation is a little one-sided (unless you’re like me and have that inner dialogue running in your head about whether you set the DVR to record “The Walking Dead” only to snap out of it wondering why the preacher’s talking about figs).

In an ideal world, the messages we hear on Sundays would be the inspiration for the week. Sadly, all of us know “those” people who have forgotten the sermon before they start their car. If we’re honest, we know “those” people are often us.

Evangelism is both the work of the church and the creatorĀ of the church. And that’s where our shirts come into the equation. They’re a way to keep the conversation about God going for all those days between Sundays.

The messages on our shirts are deliberately casual because “repent or burn in hell” messages don’t tend to draw water-cooler inquiries. We wanted a message folks could dig, not ones that would be like getting smacked in the face by a cold fish. Think of them as ice breakers for talking about God’s word.

T-shirts are in our daily lives. Why shouldn’t conversations about God be there too? Spread the word! Be comfy!

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