Welcome to 12th Apostle

logoWelcome to 12th Apostle. My business partner Greg and I chose the name 12th Apostle for two primary reasons:

First, it sounds cool and a Christian t-shirt company for men’s shirts ought to be cool.

Second, in the Book of Acts, the problem of filling Judas’ old spot among the twelve comes up. Peter and the remaining apostles decide to pick a guy named Matthias.  We don’t hear what happens to Matthias after he gets the nod, but that’s not the point.

The point is he stepped up when called by God.

Later, Saul of Tarsus, a fella with a major hate on for the church, is blinded on the road to Damascus, eventually healed, and apparently chosen by Jesus himself as his emissary to the Gentiles. We hear a lot about what happens to Saul (who becomes Paul), but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is he was chosen and spread God’s word.

We’re not going to debate which of them is really the 12th apostle. That’s not the conversation we’re starting. We felt like we needed to step up and spread God’s word, to become t-shirt evangelists, if you will. If you’re a Christian guy you know talking about God, about scripture, can be hard.

We think our shirts serve as a reminder for men to do what God calls them to do. That could be a simple as smiling at someone in the grocery line, helping a stranger fix a flat or lending a hand with a neighbor’s yard work, being a loving dad, a compassionate husband or a good friend. It can be as easy as starting a conversation.

Our shirts include scriptures to inspire or take action but we hope our logo, 12th Apostle, inspires you and helps remind you that being a disciple isn’t a passive thing, it takes action on your part.

Are you ready to start your conversation?

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